Land activities


If you've always wanted to put to the test and experience something exciting and safe…
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Aqua Activities


Nothing like beating a challenge to help us strengthen our mind and body…
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Air Activities


The dream of the human being has always been fly. And the best way to do…
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Fire Activities


Basic principles of self defense arts. Know your sources…

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Agader Maquinaria NaturMaZ 2017


Join us!

Contact with nature is to forget the world and have an adventure without having to go too far. There is a place that lets you that and more. Breathtaking Landscapes…
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Best Offers

Here you will find offers of our activities throughout the area of the airfield. Choose the offer that you like and enjoy the unique experience.

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How to get here

Ferveza Airfield

Once in the "Ferveza Airfield" have to follow it until you reach a junction, to which we turn to the right, a few meters then you will see a dam…

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Get in touch

For any questions, queries or suggestions, please contact us via any of the following means, or by using the contact form. We will respond as soon as…
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